We make several types of thin crust pizzas in a 12" and 15" size. Our pizzas host our own cured and smoked meat toppings and we use a generous amount of Bothwell mozzarella cheese to top them off. We supply stores with our pizzas as well as provide organizations such as schools and sports teams with  fund raising programs.           Fundraiser Form 

Here is a video on how to cook an Archie's Pizza on a wood pellet smoker or bbq.    http://youtu.be/o57uXmf2ppo

Archie's Meats est. 1932
20 Main Street Starbuck Manitoba         204-735-2740                                                  Open 9 - 6 Monday through  Saturday


Archie's Meats was established in 1932 by Archie Mollot in Starbuck, Manitoba. Retail meats, custom cutting and freezer orders were their main business. In later years Archie's son Rene and his sons expanded the business to include the production of their own line of deli meats. This included ham, bacon, kolbasa, salami, farmer sausage, breakfast sausage, pepperoni, wieners and smokies. To extend their line even further they incorporated their meat products into frozen take home pizzas. They created a high quality thin crust pizza which will rival any take out pizza.

Over the years, Archie's has processed beef, pork, lamb, deer, elk, moose, bison, caribou, bear, goat, alpaca and one ostrich.                                                                                          Many types of sausage can be made from these meats such as garlic sausage, salami, farmers sausage, breakfast sausage, Italian sausage,
pepperoni sticks, jerky and more.
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We will be limiting our wild meat cutting for the 17/18 season. Clean boneless meat will still be accepted. Please call before bringing in meat for processing. Thank you. 
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